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Recovery… Not just for the Pro’s

Going into my 17th year as a Quarterback in the NFL, people often ask me about the secret to my longevity. Well, I have no secrets– but I am always looking for the latest and greatest techniques or technologies to help me recover from injury or workout training!

One product that I love is my Marc Pro device. This device is so easy to use even a 6 six year old could figure out how to use it (in today’s technology age, maybe I should say “even a 60 year old could figure it out”)?

Obviously the Marc Pro could tremendously help someone coming off a surgery or injury; however, I use my Marc Pro to help me recover between workouts or practices.

Basically, this machine creates non-fatiguing muscle contractions that stimulate blood flow which accelerate your muscle’s recovery time in between workouts. Even more simply put — I am not as sore after a hard workout or practice as I would be without it.

I use mine mostly while sitting in long meetings or at home reading or watching TV.

The price is fairly expensive but consistent with its competitors and to me — worth every penny.

I would recommend the Marc Pro to anyone who is serious about training, working out, and staying healthy.


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